Kentish Town


kentish town

This is a family garden for a professional couple with specific requirements on a site with very heavy soil with drainage problems. 

As keen cooks they required a terrace for dining/entertaining and a large outdoor kitchen with sink, bbq, pizza oven and a big green egg grill. They also needed a lawn for their two children, new borders, herb bed, wendy house, storage shed. new timber fences and a new front gate. Clever planning was required to fit all this in as a large portion of the site was to be taken up by a bespoke Eco Shed.  Inspired by the Clients’ love of colour and images of Japanese Maples in the Autumn the palette included warm reds, oranges, deep pinks and purples hues.  We created a contemporary version of the multi-seasonal shrub border mixing several different Japense maples with evergeen pittosporum and Nandina domestica (heavenly bamboo) shrubs underplanted with hebes, hellebores, gernaium and heucheras. Other star features was an Astelia chathamica mixed with ornamental grasses and bright orange geums.